Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregnancy! This post is for you baby Preston!!!

I have wanted to blog about our pregnancy for so long now! Being home with Easton has filled my days with happiness but not a lot of "me time" for writing. I did want to get this post out before our beloved Preston makes his appearance!!! I have absolutely loved every single day of being pregnant! I'm pretty sure that I had accepted the fact that I may never carry a child. When we were surprised by our pregnancy I was elated. Morning sickness, aches and pains, and tiredness all eluded me- or atleast I didn't acknowledge it. Just the simple fact that I was PREGNANT caused for pure happiness!

Now, being only 17 days away from our due date, I cannot explain the excitement I have to meet our 2nd son. I have many moments when I compare my anticipation for meeting Easton, with my feelings of meeting Preston. Honestly, they are different-but the same! Both meetings are emotionally filled, trying on your patience, and mentally consuming. I'm pretty sure that I will have the exact same feeling when I meet Preston, as I did when I walked into Easton's nursery to hold him for the first time.

I have watched every episode of "The Baby Story", been to every birthing class my local hospital offers, and read a handful of baby books to prepare for Preston's birth- If only I actually felt prepared...At this point I will just cling to God's plan and have faith that everything will be just fine. I'm not going to lie- I'm petrified of the pain, scared of the hospital, and worried my husband will pass out...but besides that, I am ready for Preston!!!!!! ;)

Here are some of my favorite pregnancy moments:
1. Telling Ryan that I was pregnant...I could watch the video over and over again! The look on his face, of confusion turning to tears of happiness, will forever be a favorite moment! The videos of us telling my parents and his parents are just as special!
2. The fact that I lived in Ethiopia for 2 months while pregnant with Preston!
3. Feeling Preston kick for the first time while I was sitting on my bed at the Yebsabi Guest House in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
4. Feeding Easton as I feel and watch Preston do summersaults in my stomach!
5. Seeing Preston's face on the 3-D Ultrasound at the Korean Hospital in Ethiopia.
6. Dreaming of what Preston will look like...will he have red hair, green eyes and fair skin like his daddy? Or be blond with blueish/green eyes like his mama?
7. The way people look at me in public- Being obviously pregnant, while carrying a 6 month old baby gets lots of stares!!! A few brave souls will ask me if Easton is my son, then I get the chance to share his adoption story and the miracle of Preston!
8. The fact that almost EVERY girlfriend I have is pregnant!!!! Including my brother's wife, who is due 25 days after Preston!
All of our babies will start Kindergarten together!!! I am so thankful for God's timing! Here are 7 of us girls, in order of due date:

6 Months Pregnant:
7 Months Pregnant:
8 Months Pregnant:

Easton and Preston's 3-D Ultrasound~August 7, 2010:

We went to the doctor today and she said Preston's heartbeat and growth are perfect! What wonderful words to hear!!! I am measuring right at 37 weeks and there is no reason to think Preston will be early. If anything, I will go past my due date of November 20th. My brother's birthday is on November 26th, which falls the day after Thanksgiving this year. Maybe Preston wants to honor his Uncle Aaron!!! We'll patiently wait...

I hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis~ We'll see how that works out with Preston's arrival!
Love you all,