Monday, December 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Preston!

Today is Preston's 3 week birthday! It has been a fabulous, challenging and emotional last 3 weeks.
We wanted to document Preston's birth story on our blog so that we remember the details of November 29, 2010.
Preston's Birth Story:
Preston's due date was November 20, 2010. While I was in Ethiopia I visited the Korean Hospital to have an ultrasound done to monitor Preston. After taking his measurements, with the ultrasound machine, the Ethiopian doctor told me that Preston's due date was November 22. I was convinced that Preston would make his debut on the 22nd of November. As the 22nd came near I had no indication that I would be delivering a baby anytime soon. I then thought I would ruin our Thanksgiving plans and go into labor on the 25th...but still nothing happened. Then I thought I would ruin my brother's surprise 30th birthday on the 26th...still nothing happened. Our OBGYN, Dr. Alvarez, decided that if labor didn't start naturally by Monday, November 29th, I would need to be induced. On Monday, November 29th, at 4:30 in the morning, we drove to Lakewood Ranch Women's Center to begin the induction process. We got admitted and they started Pitocin and fluids by 5:30am. At 8:00am our midwife, Joanne Bevers, came to check my progress. I was 2cm dilated, as she broke my water. Almost simultaneously the epidural cart was rolled in by the anesthesiologist assistant. My nurse knew my level of pain tolerance (which is very low) and suggested the epidural be administered after my water was broken. Ryan had to step out of the room while the epidural was put in, he has a bit of a weak stomach for needles. My Mom stayed with me, holding my hands as I tried to breath through each contraction. The anesthesiologist assistant was not successful the first time she put in the epidural. I could tell she was frustrated as she told me she needed to try again. Meanwhile, tears are flowing down my face every minute or Mom did an amazing job talking me through each contraction. Fortunately, the epidural was successfully put in on the second try and I had almost immediate relief from the pain. Ryan came back into the room and we patiently waiting for my body to respond to the Pitocin. Around noon Joanne came back to check on me. I was 5-6cm dilated and she was pleased with my progress. Joanne had a veterinarian appointment at 5:00pm and joked that she needed Preston to be delivered by then! We were all on board and hoped our baby boy would appear soon! Around 3pm things changed for me. Suddenly, I felt pain and I mean REAL pain that took my breath away and brought a flood of tears down my cheeks. The nurse checked me and I was at 7cm, however, the pain was not "normal". She called in the anesthesiologist anesthetist to diagnose the problem. His name was Don Johnson and at the time he was my hero! I needed him to stop the pain and he gave us 2 options. Either push more meds through the epidural or redo the epidural. He said that it wasn't working and I was feeling 100% of the contractions. We decided to up the meds first and if that didn't work we would redo the epidural. Thankfully, the addition of meds eased my pain and I was able to relax comfortably again. I believe the medicine did cause me to run a fever and feel very nauseous, which resulted in spewing the ice chips I had been eating. Around 5pm Joanne came in to check on me, I'm guessing she missed her vet appointment. I was still at 7cm but she was hopeful I would make progress if they up'd my Pitocin. She did share that she was a little worried that Preston had not descended, I believe his station was at -2. I asked that Ryan text our bible study group to pray and my parents told our friends and family in the waiting room to pray for Preston to descend. Around 7pm Dr. Alvarez returned to check on us. I was dilated 9cm but unfortunately Preston was not at the appropriate station for delivery. He informed Ryan and I that we would need a caesarean section to meet our baby. We were devastated. We begged...what else could we do? We had prepared ourselves for vaginal birth, we went to all the classes, we were going to have a room filled with the women we adore for the glorious moment. We did NOT want to be in an operating room. However, it wasn't our choice any longer. Preston was too high and Dr. Alvarez attributed it to my narrow birthing canal. Bummer. C-section indefinitely and I cried. I cried hard. A C-section meant a long recovery and the worst part would be that I could not lift my sweet baby Easton. After about 30 minutes of praying and crying I pulled it together, put on my hair net and let them wheel me into the operating room. Ryan was my rock! He was so positive and eager to meet his son! Let me be honest, I am not a good patient. As I sat on the operating table, I cried and talked uncontrollably. I remember asking everyone in the room their names and if they had a dog, so random! As Don Johnson (anesthesiologist anesthetist) took out my epidural and put in a spinal, he tried to calm me down but there was no stopping my continuous monologue. I was so scared and the only thing I could do was to talk. Oh boy did I embarrass myself!! =) Finally, they brought Ryan in and begun the c-section. I would post the video but it's down right shameful. At 8:09pm Dr. Alvarez showed us our precious son Preston Abenet Fulmer! Ryan asked, "Does he have all his digits?" immediately after seeing him over the curtain! I'll never forget that! I asked, "What color is his hair?" curious to know if I had a red head like his daddy! Turns out that Preston is absolutely perfect, with all his digits, and strawberry blondish hair!

Our first 3 weeks have been emotional and challenging. The c-section caused for a painful recovery. Honestly, the first week was a blur. We were in the hospital for 3 nights and 4 days. Thankfully, Ryan's Mom was able to take off to be with us when we returned home. Easton spent a lot of time with my dad, Papa, while we were in the hospital. I'm so thankful for the support system we have. Our house has been flooded with visitors, which I adore!! Everyone has been so helpful, from dinners, to laundry, to playing with Easton! Not being able to lift Easton had an emotional toll on me. I am thankful that Easton and I have such a strong bond. I know that we will bounce right back to what we used to be. Today, December 20th, is my 1st day with my boys ALONE!! We are managing just fine! (As I write this both boys are napping!!! Lucky Mama!) Being a stay at home Mom is a dream come true! My goals right now include nursing Preston for his first year of life and establishing his schedule. I am working on teaching Easton to feed himself Gerber Puffs and to crawl. Lastly, I want to have dinner on the table when my amazing husband comes home from work. =)

Sweet Brothers!

Our last picture as a family of 3! I'm 41 weeks pregnant here!!!!

We are all excited for Christmas and the New Year! I'll be taking lots of pictures of Easton and Preston in their Christmas outfits.
I hope you enjoy your family as much as I enjoy mine!
With love,