Sunday, August 14, 2011

1 year ago....

I can't help but to open up my I-photo and browse through the pictures that were imported 1 year ago. 1 year ago I remember spending a lot of time at the Yebsabi Guest House in Ethiopia. I was there alone, 6 months pregnant, caring for our 4 month old baby Easton. About this time I was completely stressed because my Visa had expired and I was given 10 days to leave Ethiopia. We prayed that I would leave, with Easton in my arms, to travel home. My US Embassy appointment wasn't scheduled for another 2 weeks but we knew this "problem" was just apart of God's plan. Each day I was becoming more and more lonely and homesick. I had been in Ethiopia for over 60 days and although my Husband, Mom, Dad and best friend had come during June and July, I was by myself for the month of August. The Lord worked a miracle and Easton and I had an Embassy Appointment on August 19th. We traveled home the next day. Here are some of my precious pictures from a year ago in Ethiopia~

Remembering the days in Ethiopia make me hug Easton just a little tighter and kiss him a few more times today.