Saturday, June 16, 2012

I've missed you!

It's been way too long. I'm sorry. Well, let me do a little "What we've been up to" checklist to catch you up to speed:
1. It's summer time and we pretty much go swimming three times a week in Nina and Papa's pool (my parents).

2. Easton is talking. So, so cute! He comes up with the craziest things. He has something to say about everything. I'm just going to say it, "Easton has a musical GIFT!" He amazes me with all of the songs he can sing, tunes he can hum, and his contentment with listening to the same song over and over again! I'm telling you friends, he's on to something BIG!! Piano classes at 3? I'm thinking so!
  Learning to play ball!
 1st Summer Popsicle!He LOVES the water! Grandma and Easton at Grady's baptism~

 3. Preston is a sweetheart! He will give a hug or kiss on command 95% of the time. Additionally, he always has a bruise or cut somewhere on his little body! He's ALL boy! He loves to read books, play with balls, and be outside.
   He loves Papa's swing!

 4. Father's Day is tomorrow and we will celebrate with steak and kabobs. I made Ryan a schedule for the day that involves alot of R&R and NO changing of diapers. He is seriously an AMAZING father and deserves a special day like tomorrow.

 5. I have applied for a middle school job, teaching Reading or Language Arts for 6th or 7th grade. I believe I will have a job offer within a week or two. It might be shocking information for some of you but I have a goal and passion to be a school administer within a couple of years. I have absolutely LOVED every second of my "stay-at-home Mommy" gig. It's been a dream come true and I will cherish it forever. However, I would like to apply for the Assistant Principal pool in about 3 years. To do so, I need to get back into the classroom. By going to middle school I'm growing my teaching experience and opening the possibility of being a Middle School AP or Elementary School AP.
Man, I really must better start paying attention to my grammar. speeling, and vocabulery. (I joke. I joke)

 6. The boys will start preschool at our church in August. I am a little nervous but mainly just about missing them terribly. I know that they will flourish in the learning environment that Woodland creates. They have an outdoor classroom, music time, arts and crafts daily and most importantly TLC provided by an amazing staff. I keep telling myself that the boys are only going to school for 180 days out of the year! This is the main reason I chose a teaching career. I'm praying that the transition goes smoothly. Stay tuned...

7. What my MIND and HEART are focused on right now: I am heading to Africa on July 28th! We will spend 7 days in Nairobi, Kenya and then 7 days in Jinja and Kampala, Uganda. We will work with 10 orphanages and over 2,000 orphans. 2,000 Eastons. 2,000 Prestons....WAY too many children. Two of the places we are going are baby cottages. I will be cuddling, feeding, and loving on babies ALL day long. Cannot wait.
I am leading a team, with my father, of 29 people from around the country. Eight are from my hometown. The team is preparing to leave in about 40 days. We are collecting donations, personal packing items, and praying that God uses us in a mighty way to impact the lives of orphans. I have saved funds from my photography, bunco night, and babysitting to take with me. If you would like to contribute to my trip please follow the link below. ALL (Seriously 100%) of the donations given to me are going with me in-country. My plan is to spend the money wherever I see a need. Maybe food, clothing, shoes, bedding...I had a vision of buying pineapple for an orphanage. Most of the time children are feed porridge and beans two times a day. I would love to bless them by buying, cutting, and feeding them dozens of pineapple! Doesn't that sound wonderful and delicious? Your tax deductible gift can be given by clicking the link, then choosing "Kenya/Uganda Aug/July 2012" and then entering my name "Ashlie Fulmer": 
 Easton and I in Ethiopia in 2010My Dad Ernie enjoying every moment! Love this picture!

8. Ryan and I had an amazing vacation to the Turks and Caicos with my best friend Kevin. It was breathtakingly beautiful and we honestly had the time of our lives. A few months ago I blogged about my best friend's diagnosis of ALS. This vacation was for him and we enjoyed all of the things he loved such as; relaxation, great conversations, and delicious food paired with exquisite wine.  Out for dinner at the Coco Bistro. Our view!  (awe.)Group picture time!Getting ready for our catamaran ride~favorite picture!Silly group!Snuba dividing! I love this!! (obviously)

9. We are heading to the mountains of Georgia with Ryan's parents to spend 4th of July with them. Really looking forward to hiking and playing in the creek with the boys.

10. In April I turned 30 and celebrated with a surprise party, weekend at the beach, and a family dinner! Life is good. God has overwhelmed me with His blessings lately.
   Yep, I'm guilty of photoshopping my wrinkles. (Go ahead and judge away!!)
 We did a whole lot of this! And a little bit of this! =)

Through and through I am reminded that everything about me should bring Glory to my Heavenly Father. I am striving daily to do this better.

Hopefully, you are saying, "Welcome Back Ashlie" we've missed you1
 I hope to blog more but then again, I always say that!!