Monday, October 31, 2011

Children's HopeChest Child Sponsorship

These are the faces of 10 beautiful children in Ethiopia that I am matching with Sponsors. I have partnered with Children's Hopechest, a trustworthy organization, making a huge impact on the lives of children living in poverty. Children's Hopechest has partnered with the Kechene School, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where children in the community can come to connect with the staff, have a safe place to play, to receive schooling, and physical, medical, spiritual and emotional support. Ryan and I sponsor a seven year old girl, named Tadeleche, who comes to the Kechene Care Point. My long-term goal is to go to the Kechene Care point to meet all of the children and serve to meet their needs. I have a personal friend who is traveling to Ethiopia to deliver care packages to the sponsored children. She will hand deliver a t-shirt with bubbles, stickers, toothpaste and toothbrush wrapped inside, to our sponsored child. I write Tadeleche a monthly letter and we are anxiously awaiting to hear from her. My hope is to be able to hug her one day and tell her that we love her and have been praying for her.
I am hoping to find 10 people who are willing to be sponsors. A sponsorship cost $34 per month. Perhaps, this Holiday season you and your family can include this in your charitable giving? Perhaps, you have been waiting for an opportunity like this. Perhaps, you start a sponsorship today and then travel with me to Ethiopia to meet your sponsored child one day....There are so many possibilities and I hope you will consider them.

If you are interested in sponsoring please respond and I will give you all of the details! Also, please feel free to share this with friends or family who might be interested.
Thank you for your time!
Love you all,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine Article!

We are so excited to share the article that the Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine published this month.
We are thankful that they are featuring our story of adoption.
Happy National Adoption Month Everyone!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine!

Photographs by Steve Poisall, The Gallery Studios, Tampa (813) 254-9575 (800) 317-2479

I was honored when I received a call from Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine asking me to be their November Women Extraordinaire. Although I do not find myself "extraordinaire", I graciously accepted their offer. The month of November is National Adoption Awareness month and the magazine editor was given our blog by a sorority sister of mine. Honestly, I will pretty much do anything to advocate for orphans and adoption. I have prayed for ways to share our wonderful miracle of adoption and I believe this is just one way that God has opened a door for us to share. Bottom line is that ADOPTION ROCKS and I want everyone to know it! I'm excited to see the November issue when it hits stands next week! I'll be sure to come back and share the link.

Check out my facebook status for the link to the behind the scene photos and a couple of the professional photos that didn't make the magazine.

With Love Always,