Monday, September 28, 2009

From Ashes to Africa

We hope you are having a wonderful beginning to the fall season. We don't have too much to report but we are happy to announce that we finished our home study last weekend. We will be approving the final report this week! We feel blessed to be moving through the process efficiently and pray that we continue on this path. We added a timeline of paperwork on the right hand side of our blog, along with a ticker, to show how long we have been in the process. As of today it's officially, 3 months and 5 days!

We recently purchased this book and thought we would share it with you. It is the story of a couple's journey, which is very similar to our own.
It's very informative about the Ethiopian adoption process but most importantly it's a beautiful story!
The authors of the book, Amy and Josh have a very inspirational blog that we love to follow. We admire them so much, although we've never met them! We're sure you will feel the same way:

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Real Simple said...

Hey on the home study finish! cool on how God is using you both. Your testimony is more than the child that is awaiting you to become his/her is what you are doing during the trip to the child. I am really being poked about the verse "For I have a plan for you...." To remember that the plan is HIS not mine! That I need to be obedient and faithful. I need to listen and follow his commands. So as you journey down this path that God had planned for you soooo very long ago....witness the whole way through it and rejoice in the glory of His name! As you are doing! Your child awaits....Your Lord is with you (and your child) and always will be...His plans are to prosper not to harm you....May you have a great day rejoicing to others about Our LORD and Savior! see you! (betsy and family)