Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas

This year we doing an electronic Christmas card on our blog.
It was as hard decision but we decided not to send out Christmas cards this year. After factoring the print and postage fees the obvious choice was for the funds to go toward our dossier expense. ($7,700.00)
We love all of the cards we have received and hope to return to our Christmas tradition next year, with a family of 3!!! =)

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~
Love, Ryan and Ashlie


Real Simple said...

hey there.
nice to see you "running" at the wedding. sure you did a GREAT job! I would like to get 2 necklaces for CHRISTmas do i catch up with you? or give them to your mom and i can run over to her house???? they are suprises for the girls. I will do a shirt later for molly. the necklaces are for the girls for CHRISTmas. thanks! have your mom call me..but NO message about the "necklaces! thanks! I always look at your "ticker" and think Ashley is 5 months pregnant! that is how i look at it...hope it doesn't hurt your feelings...but it is going to be GREAT! wish molly could find the funds to go...but another time...we really, really need to save for college if she wants to go to Southeastern! prayers please...God's will!
have a merry year you will be busy!!! fun!!! GOD is GREAT! love betsy and family

cfulmer88 said...

Love the necklaces! You two are working so hard to get this all together; I know it's hard, but worth it. God Bless You and we can't wait, either. Mom & Dad F.

Kari said...

You have blessed me today!! Thank you for sharing & your amazing gift to me!! I would LOVE your necklace & I definitely want to purchase one of your beautiful T shirts. They are soooo unique!! I'm a walking billboard:)
If there is anything we can add to One Stop Shop- I want to know what you think!! Praying you get your I-700A TODAY!!! What a great Christmas present!!
Please feel free to add our new button- lets keep in touch!