Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally...a court date!!

What a week! I said, "Goodbye" to Mom on Friday and cried so hard that my driver Samuel put his arm around me and said, "Ohhhhh, Ashlie, it will be okay." Mom made it home safely and I can tell that there aren't many moments that she isn't thinking about Easton and I. I am very appreciative for the 2 weeks that she spent here with us and can't wait to be together again.

On Monday, we found out that our court date is July 21st!!! Praise the Lord! Court Closure are likely to happen in the beginning of August for Ethiopia's flood season. We are so blessed to have made the cut off. Now we need to pray that we pass the first time! (50% of families do not, due to unpredictable court procedures, such as no electricity or lost files!) We found out today that our Agency is trying to move our court date to July 13th. I am going to be in Uganda on July 19th-July 26th but Ryan and I were told we can give our consent to the judge on July 13th. Then today we found out the whole court date might be changed. Which is great because it's a week before! Time is precious!!! We will know for sure tomorrow. Ryan is booking his ticket today!!! I can't wait for him to get here, I think he will have lots of mix emotions, as I did. It looks like the cheapest way for him to come is to leave Sunday, arriving Monday night and staying until July 28th. He will stay here, while I'm in Uganda to be with Easton daily. That means Easton doesn't have to go a day without his Mommy or Daddy!

After we pass court we will wait for the US Embassy to give us an adorable Passport with Easton's picture!! =) This can take 4-12 weeks. Obviously, we are rooting for 4 weeks! Best case scenarios right now is THAT Easton and I come home the 2nd week in August!! PRAYING!!!

Something Special: The 3 Nannies that my mom and I adore, the ones we took pictures with, gave me a gift today! They were VERY secretive because I'm sure they could get in trouble. It was in a plastic bag and then wrapped in foil paper. Inside was an Ethiopia Purse, small scarf and an Africa beaded necklace! I cried!! I can't believe they felt a need to give ME a gift!!! Wow, it was very overwhelming but I felt their love and compassion. I wish I could communicate with them better, they speak virtually no English and my Amharic uselEss. Their names are Radwa, Aselefech, and Firehiwot. They weren't there the 1st day we met Easton (a Sunday) but were there the next day. They taught me how to feed him, showed me how they change him, and welcomed me to spend all day with them. I have a very special bond with them and pray I will be able to impact their lives and show them how much I appreciate the way the cared for our son. Please keep these three women in you prayers!


The Summers said...

How Exciting!! One step closer!

From a full heart... said...

yay, yay, yay!!! Such good news! Maybe we will be there for court before you leave. It would be SO great to meet you and hug your neck for sending all those beautiful pics of our sweet girl!!

Mark and Wendy said...

Hooray, hooray! Praying that your official date is moved up and that you can get your whole family home soon!!!