Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Years of Christmas as a family!!!

Above are the last 3 years of our Christmas card. To be honest, I hardly remember what a Christmas was like before having children. This was definitely my best Christmas yet! . Easton and Preston both loved going for walks with our wagon around the neighborhood to look at colorful lights and inflatable Santas. We had a magical Christmas Eve candlelight service, while singing Silent Night. Easton and Preston talked about baby Jesus and were quick to identify Him in our Little People Nativity set, Nina and Papa's life size porcelain Jesus, and in every, "true meaning of Christmas", picture book that we read to them. This is just the foundation of teaching our boys about our Heavenly Father and Savior. We look forward to raising our boys on the truths of the Bible and watching them grow in their faith.
Ready for our Christmas Eve Service at Woodland

Nina and Papa with their 3 Grandbabies!

Easton and Preston with one of their gifts

Christmas Morning!

EASTON! This is one of the first pictures taken with my new Nikon D600

Preston having a blast with this Grandpa!

Flying high with Grandpa!

Boys running outside on Christmas morning! Yes, they are wearing shorts! We enjoy our warm weather on Christmas!

Our dinner table ready for Christmas dinner!

It's a miracle neither one took a tumble!

Almost dinner time!

My best friend Kevin came over for a little Christmas wine! =)  More about Mr Swan coming soon!! ;)

Ryan and I on  Christmas Morning! This is our first picture together with my new camera! =) I love the sharpness of the image.

The Swan's came over right before the boys went to bed on Christmas night.

Easton adores his trains! He always plays with them at eye level to watch the wheels turn, so precious!

Oh no!! Believe it or not, he didn't fall!! He insist on running in Easton's path!!

Happy Preston!!

The boys' Great Grandmother gave them Radio Flyer Scooters. which were a big hit!


As for New year Resolutions, Ryan and I are both working on our fitness and health. Eating healthy and exercise is the basic goal for this year. Additionally, I will be blogging more and reading more. I have always loved this blog and although my post have been few and far between, I am ready to share more pictures and thoughts with you this year! Hopeful this year will be an exciting year for our family and we will have lots to share with you! I am currently reading To Kill a Mocking Bird for the first time. There are a couple of classics that I have neglected to read during my life. As a Language Arts teacher, I am convicted by this and setting a goal to read one book per month.

Thanks for following the Fulmer's Story!

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