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     We are excited to announce that we are adopting from Ethiopia again! We feel that we have once again been called to adopt a child. Our hearts are filled with joy as we begin this exciting journey to bring our daughter home. Although we have not met her, we are requesting a daughter ranging from a newborn to two-years old.  We know that our boys will be great big brothers for their new little sister. Easton and Preston continue to amaze and bless us daily.

      After much prayer, we have decided to use International Family Services (IFS) adoption agency. We are confident IFS has the highest ethical standards and will work diligently with the US Embassy and Ethiopian government to match us with our daughter. We cannot wait to be back in Ethiopia. We left a little bit of our hearts there in 2010 and Ethiopia is a part of our family. While in Ethiopia we both visited numerous orphanages, hugging and embracing children of every age. Ethiopia has an overwhelming need for parents and since returning home we have diligently prayed about this. We definitely have a meaningful connection with Ethiopia and look forward to embracing the people and culture again.

      International adoption is very unpredictable. As of now, we are in the paperwork stage, which takes about 6 months. We will complete our home study and hopefully be matched with our daughter in early 2014. That means that this time next year we could possibly be in Ethiopia! We ask that you pray for our family during this exciting time.

Our hearts have been broken for orphans. We have room in our hearts and our home to bring home another child. We cannot wait to be back in Ethiopia and meet our daughter for the first time. We know that she is our calling and we joyfully choose to bring her home. 
-Ryan and Ashlie Fulmer

We want to be transparent about the cost associated with our adoption. We are estimating that the total cost will be slightly more than $30,000. There is a $13,000 refundable tax credit that can be applied for after the adoption is complete. Our goal is to raise the remaining $17,000. Please know that we have researched our agency and know that each cost is justified. During our time in Ethiopia in 2010 we learned the high cost of adoption supplies, a functional transitional home, orphanage, nannies, doctors, teachers, lawyers, and social workers. The cost also includes a home study by a licensed social worker, USCIS Immigration approval, passports and travel expenses.  
We believe that God has asked us to bring home a child and therefore the resources will be provided. Often, we have struggled with asking others to help support our adoption. Here is our belief and what God has confirmed to us: We are willing to love, raise and provide for our adopted daughter. Initial finances are not a reason to deny an orphan a home.  Although we are incapable of solely providing the initial adoption costs, we know that God has provided enough resources among friends, family, and believers. Therefore, we humbly ask for financial support. We are excited to watch how God uses His people to provide for His calling. We are often reminded that some families can afford to adopt but are not called to do so. Our family has been called to adopt and have made the choice to fundraise the initial adoption expenses. 

Fundraising with Pure Charity

     Humbly, we ask that you to consider investing in our adoption journey. We will be using an online resource to collect donations. All donations will be directly forwarded to our adoption agency. We ask you to first pray about how you can financially support our adoption.  If you feel led to give, you can then make a tax-deductible donation online, through We ask you to help spread our fundraiser link to other friends and family through social media.
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Puzzle Fundraiser
For every $20 donation we will write your family’s name on the back of a puzzle piece. This puzzle will be framed and put in our daughter’s room.
Our puzzle, “Waiting on the Bus” by Julia Cairns
 $1,000 Donation:
*Fifty puzzle pieces with your family’s name                        
*Two family photo sessions with Ashlie Fulmer Photography (Any location in Bradenton or Sarasota, may be redeemed anytime)                                                                                           
* 4 hour, full car detail by Ryan Fulmer (May be redeemed anytime in Bradenton or Srq)                                                                                            
*Our adoption T-shirts                                                                                   
*Anything else we can offer you to show our appreciation.  

 $500 Donation:

*Twenty five puzzle pieces with your family’s name                                                                                                  
*One family photo session with Ashlie Fulmer Photography (Any location in Bradenton or SRQ)  
*Our adoption T-shirts                                                                                  

 $100 Donation:

*Five puzzle pieces with your family’s name                                                           
*Two adoption T-shirts                                                                                   
 $60 Donation:

*Three puzzle pieces with your family’s name                                                        
*One adoption T-shirt                                                                                

A donation in any amount would be appreciated. 
Our fundraising website is:
 Please email for mailing address if you prefer to send a check. 

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