Sunday, February 7, 2010

1 Month Waiting

As of today we have been waiting for our referral for 1 month! (Remember, a referral means that we have been matched with a child and we are able to see our baby's picture and paperwork)
Ryan and I are celebrating each passing month with a pint of Ben and Jerry's. When we first sent off our paperwork on 1/8/10 we easily finished Half Baked (fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough). Today it will either be Cake Batter or Chubby Hubby (fudge covered peanut butter pretzels, yummm) We'll see what Publix has available.

Who knows, maybe today will be our day for our referral and we won't have to eat any icecream!!!


Naomi said...

That's funny.... I think even if your referral comes, you should still eat ice cream and celebrate!!!!

You are making me hungry!!!!

Tanya said...

A great way to put on "baby weight" during the wait for baby! :)

BTW: We LOVE our t-shirts. We had a meeting about starting an orphan ministry at our church and showed your shirts off as one way to fundraise. Everyone loved them!


ReaganF said...

I LOVE the idea of eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream on your DTE monthly anniversary! My fav is Cherry'll have to try that one at some point!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Thanks for the recommendation Reagan! Looks like it will be Cherry Garcia next month (if there is a next month!!) We went with Cake Batter, it was yummy!!!!
Hopefully next week will be filled with referrals!!! =)

Real Simple said...

to eat and be so do you all do it? but you probably just live off this the rest of the month! all are so cute and i wish molly was going with you all. but sometimes, (like you have learned) we have to be patient and wait on the Lord! right! God's timing is unbelievable and the best or us. Keep the containers and use it for something in the Easton's room...q-tips, college fund, scrapbooking, many keep a witness. glad i got to sit close to you all and tell you...we are with you all...traveling with you through your blog! soon mollys sr. pics! fun!!!! happy fun, sad fun. have a great week. blessings, betsy

Chalk Inscriptions said...

What a great way to wait for your referral! I am also waiting for our referral and eating Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee, but that's just because I like it and I have a major sweet tooth! Oh the waiting is so long...but I am impatient! One of our friends just got their referral from the same DWF and I am jumping up and down for them! BTW - I love your necklaces! I am not in a position to purchase one yet, but I hope too!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Betsy, I love your idea of reusing the containers, brilliant!!! Next month, if there is a next month, it will be kept for sure!!!!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

The waiting game is tough but Isaiah 40:28 says, "those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength and rise up on wings like an eagle."
Totally worth it!!!!!
Have a great week! Love, Ashlie