Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dancing, Singing, Praising the Lord for His Blessings!

We are still smiling, crying, laughing and high-fiving over our beautiful son Easton!!!!! Today Ryan played "Everlasting God" on his guitar as we danced around and sung the lyrics!!! It's our adoption theme song! Come on, you know you want to sing along with us, "Strength will rise as we Wait upon the Lord, Wait upon the Lord, we will Wait upon the Lord" We are just 2 happy parents dreaming of the day we hold Easton in our arms!

Here is our first care package!!! Everything has to fit in one ziplock bag. We are sending it to a family who will be traveling to Ethiopia next week for their child's court date. We have also asked the family to take pictures and video of our baby! We can't wait to see more images of him!!! Ohhh, his eyes and smile!!! I need more of him!!!!! =)

As we happily wait, we are nesting!!! Here are some pictures of Easton's room, we hope he loves it!


Joy said...

Excellent work with the nesting - the room is beautiful!

Bex said...

Wow, Ashlie! Easton's room looks amazing! i LOVE every little detail. Great job! do you know what the wall pain color is called? And I LOVE the it glowing!? SO excited for you guys to be getting so close to meeting your little guy. And, what a treat to get to send a care package!

Lindy said...

So excited for you guys!!! Love the room! Cannot wait to see that cute smile and beautiful eyes of his :)

Debb said...

Great job on Easton's room! It looks super! He WILL love it!

Hey, I would like to buy one of your shirts. Do I just go to the donate button and you will know the $20 is for a shirt? Please let me know when you can, as I would love to get your shirt for my husband for father's day! :)

Still praying for you and your tiny little man! :o)

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Thanks everyone!!! We are READY for Easton to come home!! Hopefully, we'll make some travel plans soon!

*Deb, I would love to send you a shirt for your father! Please use the Donate Now Paypal button and leave your size request and address in the notes section of Paypal. I'll send it out ASAP!!

*Hey Bex~ we ordered the bedding from JC Penny's and then matched the teal color at Home Depot. Sorry but I don't know the name of the color!
*The globe was a precious gift from a friend. She got it from Crate and Barrel's kids store....(I can't remember the name of it....) Yes, it does light up!!! It'll be his night light! The room looks precious with it glowing. Oh yay, the store name is Land of Nod!

=) Ashlie

Glowing Hearts said...

LOVE the room, where did you find the funky decal? I've been looking for something to spice up my kids room. Really excited for your family!

angie leverence said...

Just started reading your blog. My husband and I are waiting in MN for our little Ethiopian face. Glad to hear you got your referral! Your room is beautiful. :)

CandB said...

Love your blog and little Easton's sweet room. We are excited to follow your journey and hope we meet you sometime in the process =) We added your blog to our blog list! Congrats again!
AWAA and yahoo group buddy,
Brenda Fleming

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Thanks for all the love everyone!!!! Amazing things are happening for our family! We are both dreaming of the day we hold Easton!!!!

*Glowing Hearts- We painted the tree on the wall, it's not a decal. I am a teacher and used an old-school overhead projector and transparency to trace the tree and then paint it!!!

How do I follow your blog?? I would LOVE too but can't find the "follow" button!! You can email me at

Thanks, Ashlie