Monday, May 31, 2010

Hip, Hip, Horray!!!!

We have new best friends, the Johnson Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They sent us 11 pictures and a video of our baby boy, Easton. We have spent ALL weekend staring at the new pictures and watching the video over and over again. We have never met the Johnson's and know little about them. They are adopting a 5 month old baby boy and decided to travel to Ethiopia for their court date. They actually received their referral before the cut off and did not have to appear in court but chose to be there anyway. We will find out today if they were lucky enough to pass the first time. Only 50% of families successfully pass court on their first try.

We are among the first 10 families EVER to appear in Ethiopian courts for our adoption. We have a conference call today at 3:00pm to learn the expected timeline. As always, there are expected delays, bummer!!! More to come tomorrow.

Our Tentative Plan is for Ashlie to travel to Ethiopia sometime after June 15th. Ryan will join her for the schedule court date, we are praying it is at the end of June or July. Ashlie will stay until her Mission Trip to Uganda on July 19th. She will then return to Ethiopia with the Mission Trip Team until August 1st. Our hope is for her to stay in Ethiopia until the end of August and then return home with Easton. That would be 63 days staying in Ethiopia with Easton!!!!! She will be staying at the Yebsabi Guest House and have the assistance of our agency's drivers and staff.
We'll see if our "plan" works out! Today's conference call will give us insight and help us nail down these "plans".

Thank you for your prayers and support,
Ashlie and Ryan, Easton's parents!!!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!!


*Overflowing* said...

WOW....that is absolutely amazing! What a wonderful opportunity...a very rare gift indeed!!! Can't wait to follow along! Blessings..

ashley said...

Just read several of your last awesome for you to go spend time with Easton!! We got to spend just a week a few months before we got Mia and I know she still recognized me and my mom. We will be praying a extra lot for you two!