Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Amazing Mission Trip

I'm back!!!!!!! My week at the Ethiopia Guest House with the Visiting Orphans Mission Trip was amazing, challenging, and life-changing. I have many stories and experiences to share but I am still internalizing a lot of the things we saw and people we met. One of the most burning sights and smells are the rows and rows of cribs, filled with babies and toddlers at the Mother Theresa's HIV orphanage. There were over 450 orphans, all who are HIV positive and have essentially no chance of adoption. When I looked into their faces I couldn't help but think that God's love for each and everyone of them is the exact same as His love for our baby Easton. Regardless of their sickness and abandonment they are children who deserve so much better than what they are receiving. It breaks my heart =(
I posted a documentary on my Facebook page of the Korah village. The village lives off of the landfill, finding their food and items to sell. If you get a chance, please watch it. Easton and I (with Kevin's help) went into the houses that surround the dump. It was unbelievable to see the conditions that families live in. Despite the lack of basic needs, the people were so generous to open their homes to us.

I am happy to be back to the Yebsabi Guest House (internet works and it's more like a hotel). Unfortunately, I said goodbye to my Dad and Best Friend Kevin. No more visitors coming but there are lots of adoption families here this week. After this week I will have 2 other Mom's who are staying until their Embassy Appointments. It is so nice to have other Mom's to talk to everyday. Whenever I hear people in the lobby I rush down for some socializing! Last night I went to see the movie Inception with 3 other families. I brought Easton along and he slept through the entire movie!!! He's such a good sport!

Easton: He is doing WONDERFUL!!! I am praying for his health, he has been very healthy, only fighting a little cough and congestion. One of the baby girls who went home last week has Chicken Pox now. I'm just waiting to find one on his belly!!! He has been exposed to so much and I'm praying that God continues to protect him.
Preston: I feel great, with good energy! I can feel Preston kicking and moving, mostly at night. He is GROWING! I'm sure you can tell from the pictures that gaining weight isn't a problem!! haha =) I was a little worried about my calorie intake, considering that I am eating a lot of crackers, Cliff bars, Mac-n-cheese, and Soup. I ate out with families and the mission trip team whenever I had the opportunity~ I'm dying for some Chipolte, Bonefish, and Chick-fil-a!!

Prayer Request: We have reason to be hopeful for the August 18th Embassy Date! I obviously want to come home so bad that it hurts!!! I feel like Easton and I need to be home. I'm sure I'm just being emotional today but my tough mindset has left me right now and I'm feeling a little lonely. It's probably just because this is day #1 of being alone. Please just say a special prayer for the possibility of the 18th. If we don't make the 18th it will be September 1st. Either way, I know it's God's timing and we will be home soon!

Here is a precious video of "My Boys"

I love you all and cannot wait for you to meet and hold Easton! He will melt you heart!!!
Hugs, Ashlie


Molly said...

He's adorable ! Glad to hear you are safely back. But the chicken pox is actually good to get, no? Cause then you don't have to vaccinate. We're looking for someone with chicken pox so the baby can get it lol ...

From a full heart... said...

Oh my WORD that video is over-the-top SWEET! I know you are so anxious to get home. I am praying for the earliest Embassy appt for you and for sweet Easton to avoid those nasty chicken pox.

Bex said...

I love the new look of your blog!!! Amazing! I'm so impressed with your energy and ability to multi-task in Ethiopia with a new baby and one on the way! WOW! You look so cute in the pictures and must be on cloud nine that all of this is really happening! Praying with you for an August 18th Embassy date and a smooth trip home.