Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Status In Ethiopia

Well, I know that God's time line is ALWAYS better than my own, so I am peaceful today knowing that I will get home on the exact flight and time that God has already determined. We will NOT get the August 18th Embassy date, due to a paperwork error (not our fault). We are hopeful for the September 1st Embassy Date now. I want to be home so bad but honestly, we are okay! We have enough food, diapers, wipes, and love to make it 30 more days! I will NEVER, EVER take a dishwasher, washing machine, or stove for granted!! Half my day is spent washing clothes in the sink, boiling water to sterilize bottles, and making food.

I am relaxing a lot here too, every time Easton naps, I nap too. I really have nothing to complain about, except really missing the people I love!! Hopefully, Ryan is holding up well. This must be so hard on him. Having is brand new son and pregnant wife on the other side of the world must cause loneliness and longing. I often think about my best friend Lindsey who's husband is a Marine. He was in Kuwait when their 1st child was born and now she is pregnant and he is in Afghanistan. I seriously, I have NOTHING to complain about!

My pregnancy is going great, I feel good, am eating well and am growing bigger!! (Since I don't have a scale I have no idea how big I actually am!) I'm going to an OB at the Korean Hospital tomorrow at 10:00am for a Prenatal visit. My hopes are to get an ultrasound and hear baby Preston’s heartbeat. My fellow adoption mommy and friend Deanne is going to come with me. She has been a great support here. She is adopting 2 girls, 8 and 10 years old, and is staying for a few more weeks until their embassy appointment.

Motherhood -- I've been a stay-at-home Mom for the last 15 days (ever since we got Easton on the 21st) and I LOVE IT!!! I’m really surprised that more of my friends didn’t share how wonderful it is for your life to revolve around your child!!!! I love every moment with Easton!! I love washing his bottles, bathing him, boiling water for his bottles, washing his clothes in the shower, EVERYTHING!!! It can only get easier once I get home but for right now it fills my days and nights with pure joy. I hope I never loose this feeling! One of my favorite moments is waiting for him to wake up from his nap. As he starts to stir I sit beside him and just wait for his eyes to pop open. He looks at me and then a toothless smile flows across his face. It’s priceless. I can't wait to get home to enjoy him even more!

I appreciate all of your prayers and support! Right now I am dreaming of the day Easton and I walk into the Tampa Int’l Airport to meet our friends and family! Just imagining it brings tears to my eyes. I know the day will be here soon!

Hopefully, Ashlie


Erica said...

Praying for you sister! I can only imagine what Tampa airport will look like when you arrive! Praying it is soon. It's truly amazing reading your story and your updates. Once your home and settled we need to get together. :)

Real Simple said...

being a stay at home mom is a blessing beyond your closest, deepest prayer! i have been blessed the whole time i have been married to be with my girls and i would NOT change a thing. Smelling their hair, holding them, cuddling with them and more. As i approach "empty nesting" (really learning not to like those words) I am extremely sad, (tears well up in my eyes now). I LOVE MY GIRLS and LOVE when they are home! But now a new "rite of passage" comes upon us and we must face this with Jesus holding on to all of us. So ashlie...if you were to ever ask me "how is it to be a stay at home mom?" I would reply "truly an answer to prayer that I never even knew I prayed for but that God "gifted" me with these past 20 some years!"
May you continue to feel blessed and embrass this moment because they do grow up! hugs! and you will be home soon!!!