Saturday, June 12, 2010

Donations for my trip!

Friends and Family,
Here is a way that you can help! I am collecting the following items in the next 4 days for my trip:
1. Diapers, any size

2. Scrubs for nannies- Size Small or Medium (New or gently used)

3. Hard Candy- suckers are best, dum dum's, tootsie pops

4. Toddler and children underwear

5. Lip gloss or Lip balm

6. Granola Bars/Protein Bars (No Chocolate=)

I am asking for a $5.00 cash donation with the items to help pay for the additional baggage fee. I am planning on having an extra suitcase filled with your donations, the extra bag fee is $150.00.

I would love to meet you to pick up your donation or you can deliver it to my home. I will need all donations by Wednesday, June 16th. Please email or text me if you are willing to help!

With Love,


Kari said...

Ashlie, I'm sooo proud of you for adding just one more thing to your already crazy schedule. Let your readers know if they don't make the cut off date by Friday, they can send me the "donations" directly to me. I cant believe you are going to ET in just a few days!!! WOWWWW! I love saying... see ya in Africa in July:))
All my love & prayers

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Oh Kari, God has just taken the reigns and opened all of these doors of opportunities to serve! I am thankful for every chance I get to help the children! I will be sure to defer any donors to you, if necessary!
Love ya and can't wait to meet you in Africa!!! Hugs,

rebekka said...


My name is Rebekka from Nashville, TN...and I just wanted to say, I have LOVED reading your blog. My husband and I are in the beginning stages (homestudy) of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia and it's so encouraging to read blogs from those who are further in the process. Your story is incredible! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! It is AMAZING how all this worked out! As silly as it sounds, pregnancy during adoption is actually one of my greatest fears...I just don't want anything to interfere with this adoption. But, of course, how can a miracle of a new baby "interfere" with anything!!! I think it's so amazing that your agency let you KEEP PURSUING the adoption...I don't think ours would!

Anyway, sorry for the novel...congratulations on all your blessings, you must just be over the moon!!!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Hi Rebekka!! Thank you so much for following the blog and supporting our journey to parenthood. We definitely had mixed feelings about the was something we had wanted for so long but the timing was not ideal! With God's blessing, we were able to have the best of both worlds!!! Now we realize His timing is PERFECT!!!
I'm excited to head to Ethiopia in 4 days!! YAAAY!!!
I am surely over the moon!
=) Ashlie

Molly said...

I was pregnant when we were starting our adoption process from China. The agency knew that and they were very supportive (except our social worker whose own daughter was pregnant with the same due date as me but lost her baby one week into our homestudy. It was so awkward cause the sw kept pointing that I got to keep my baby while her daughter didnt !)