Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Ethiopia!! :)

We Made It!!!

Mom and I safely arrived in Ethiopia around 6:35pm Saturday. It was a long 24 hours of traveling but everything was perfect! We rushed to make both connecting flights but were VERY pleased to find that all our bags made it! We were absolutely blessed Friday morning when US Airways allowed us to bring SEVEN 50lbs bags with us! We each packed 1 bag for our personal needs, 1 for baby Easton, 1 for food, and 3 FULL of donations!!!! We are so excited to pass out our donations to the transition home and orphanages.

Details about the trip (Most of this information is for the adoption community and those who are planning to come Ethiopia)

*Lufthansa Airlines was wonderful! The stewards worked extremely hard and the entertainment (TV/Movies) was great. I’m thankful that Mom and I brought blow up butt circles! =) Honestly, we wanted something comfortable to sit on and we really needed them. The cushions in the seats were almost non-existent. The food was just okay, they were all prepackaged meals and made my stomach turn when smelling them. Since our lay over’s only gave us about 45 minutes before boarding time we didn’t get to eat in the airport. Good thing we both had good snacks in our backpacks.

*We met Abinet, AWAA employee, at the Airport. He was there for all the families who were coming to pick up their children. (There were 4 families here to meet and bring home their children by next Saturday) We hung out with the group in the airport but then we went with our driver Alazar. Since our travel schedule is unlike everyone else’s we had to hire a separate driver. Unfortunately, it’s costing about $40/day. The positive side is that Alazar is extremely nice, speaks great English, was born and raised in Addis, and is our personal driver. We will have him everyday to transport us to Easton’s home, museums, dinners, and site seeing. This will last for 2 weeks, until Mom leaves, and then I will have to find a cheaper way to get around.

*Yebsabi Guest House-SOOOO nice!!!!!!!!! We are in the single room with a bathroom! I was surprised to see a little 12 inch tv on the wall! (only 3 channels though!) The receptionist and porters were welcoming and helpful. I know we are going to love our stay here.

*Internet-As soon as I got here I fired up my computer to talk to Ryan! Skype worked right away and we were able to chat for 10 minutes. Now, an hour later, web pages won’t load and I can’t sign in to AOL. Bummer! Hopefully, the strong internet connection will come back. I have a feeling it is just inconsistent. As long as I can share my experience with my hubby and friends I’m happy!

That’s it for now! Tomorrow is the DAY!! I’ll hold Easton around 1:00pm (6:00am for USA Eastern Time)

I’ll have an update tomorrow night for sure!
Appreciative for all His blessings ,


The Summers said...

how exciting! and thanks for the tips

Real Simple said...

you have held your son by now! we had an unbelievable message at church.
what a father's day present for ryann you holding YOU ALL"S SON given by the GREAT SON OF GOD@
blessings and glad you are there safely...praying and thinking about you!
love and hugs
the hall family
brian betsy megan and molly
ps. tell your mom we found a apt. for megs yesterday and on the way home a rainbow showed up...GODS promies!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I just started reading you blog and LOVE it! Congratulations on Easton! We are just starting our adoption process so I cant wait to read more about yours!

Naomi said...

I know we are all waiting to hear about your time with Easton but I also know it can be hard to get on the internet!! Know that we are all so excited for you and praying for you in this time!!!