Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is the Day!!

I'm leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry for the picture quality, my Nikon is packed!)

Talk about mixed emotions, I am smiling with excitement and then all of a sudden I'm scared to death and crying! Every time I think of holding Easton and meeting all the children my heart is happy. However, every time I think of saying goodbye to my husband, puppies, family and friends, for 2 months I am a sobbing mess! Please pray that I have strength and confidence and put all my Faith in the Lord. No FEAR allowed!!!!

Here's the plan, leave Tampa at 2:10, leave Philly at 6:25 and arrive in Frankfurt, Germany at 8:40am Saturday. Then leave Germany at 10:45am and arrive in Ethiopia at 6:25pm Saturday. Basically, a full day of traveling! (For any creeps out there, my hubby will be home and when he comes to Ethiopia someone will be staying at our house!)

I know that this journey would not be possible without the support of our family, friends, and adoption community! It has been an amazing journey so far and now the FUN begins!! =)

I'll be updated Facebook and the Blog as much as possible. You don't have to worry about me not taking pictures or posting, I'm kinda crazy about it! =)

A HUGE THANK YOU to the dozens of people who gave us items and cash donations!!! We have 7 bags all together and almost all of it is for the orphans. I am praying that the airline shows us mercy and allows the donation bags on the plane, free of charge!! If not, it will be over $450.00! OUCH!

I kindly ask for your continued prayers of protection and strength. The best things are yet to come!


The Thomas Family, Artesia, NM said...

Praying, praying, praying! As soon as we get our referral, I will be emailing you a photo release form! Can't wait to hear that Easton is finally in your arms!

From a full heart... said...

Yay! Praying for you as you travel and praying AGAINST that fear! Oh what nastiness the enemy tries to infuse into these God-filled moments...but greater is HE that is in YOU than he that is in the world!


Jessica said...

Yay! I am so excited for you and praying for you! Can't wait to see the posts from ET and longing for my turn to say..."I'm leaving today!"