Saturday, July 2, 2011

Our Engagement~

6 years ago Ryan and I were suppose to go to the Sarasota Boat Parade with some friends. He was working at Carmax in Tampa and called me on his way down to Bradenton. I was at my parent's house and he came to pick me up. When I got in the car he told me he wanted to go out to the beach to watch the sunset before the party. I agreed and off we went. I remember calling my friend Nikki when Ryan ran into the gas station to grab a drink. When I told her of the last minute change in plans she asked me if I thought something might be up? I said no but my mind began to race. We arrived at Bradenton Beach just minutes before the sunset. Ryan went to his trunk and got out his guitar, at that moment I knew this wasn't just a romantic sunset. We went and sat down on the sand and Ryan started playing our song "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban on his guitar. I sang along with the biggest smile on my face, fighting back tears at the thought of what was happening. When he finished he asked me to stand up. He then retrieved a small maroon jewelry box out of his guitar case. Honestly, I can't remember his exact words but I know "Will you Marry Me?" was in there!! I remember saying "YES" repeatedly, slipping the diamond ring on my finger and wrapping my arms around his neck. It was a beautiful moment, a beautiful surprise, and a beautiful way to start our marriage.
Come to find out Ryan had taken my parents to breakfast a week prior to ask their blessings. Ryan's parents had known of his plan all along. I remember frantically calling all of my friends and family afterwards to share our news. We ended our engagement night with dinner at the Sandbar restaurant on Anna Maria Island.

There was a family, who I will never know their names, that was staying in a condo overlooking us. They snapped pictures of us from their balcony and came down to be the 1st ones to congratulate us. Here are the images they emailed me! I am so thankful that they were there to capture the moment.
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