Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Easton's 1st Birthday Party!

On Sunday, March 13, 2011 we celebrated Easton's 1st birthday at Summerfield Park. The theme was "All Star Turns 1"

I got super cheap and yummy cupcakes at Sam's Club for the kids!

Since the cupcakes were super cheap I was able to afford this small but adorable and delicious cake from Pastries by Design. I simply dropped off the themed plates and they designed the cutest strawberry filled vanilla cake. The smash cake was included too!

I order this banner, plates, napkins, hats and party favors at Oriental Trading. Another cheap find!

Easton's Uncle Aaron gave him these Air Jordan Nike's for his 1st birthday!

Easton loved swinging at the park with his Papa's Ethiopian hat!

Easton did a fabulous job smashing his cake and he even shared a little with me!

Family portrait

Our little man wasn't feeling 100% on his birthday. Unfortunately, he had just recovered from a virus so he wasn't his normally smiley self. I know he enjoyed eating cake for the 1st time though!

The Fulmer Family

The McFarland Family

Our big 1 year old!

The pinata was a big hit with the kids at the party~

Cousin Dana and her son Jonathan had a great time!

It was so nice to have friends come to celebrate Easton's 1st year!

The Ryan family~

Brittny and Jason- (they have since welcomed their baby girl Emersyn Mae into their family)

My sister-in-law Meg with her baby girl Makayla~

My wonderful girl friends!

The birthday boy is fast alseep on daddy's shoulder! Proof that it was a wonderful party!!!! =)

Easton's 1st Year Milestones: I'm so thankful for I-photo! I can go back and look at pictures and videos to find out exactly when these things occurred!!!! I've decided that instead of having a baby book I'm going to use our blog as our memorabilia. I've heard of websites that can turn your entire blog into a book, maybe we'll do that one day. I've also made photo baby books using Kodak online gallery. Our family tradition is going to be making a photo book for the boys each year for Christmas. Since I have a gazillion pictures, with no intentions of slowing down, I need to have a purpose for all of the images.

Here are Easton's "first"
Rolled over (back to front)- September 7, 2010
Sitting up for a few seconds- September 23, 2010
Sitting up without falling- October 16th (I know this because I photographed him in a pumpkin patch)
1st Tooth- December 16, 20109 months old (he got the bottom 2 teeth)
Crawling- December 30, 2010- 9 1/2 months old
1st time on a swing- January 15, 2010- He loved it!
Pulling himself up and standing independently- January 15th
1st Steps- February 13, 2011
Walking- February 16th, 2011 Exactly 11 Months Old

I'm not completely sure when he said all of his 1st words but he definitely said "Dada" first, probably around 10 months. Now, at 14 months he says, "Baby", "Dada", "Mama" "Eeee Yaaa" (while riding his horse). He does the "D" sound for dog and the "B" sound for lots of b words, such as book, bird, and block. Oh, and how could I forget "Va" for vacuum! He is infatuated yet terrified of the vacuum!

Ok, I think I captured all of the highlights of Easton's 1st Year! We love you baby boy!!!!

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