Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 6 Month Preston!

Our sweet baby Preston is 6 months old!!!!!!!! He's growing like a weed, exclusively nursing, eating rice cereal and other baby foods, rolling over and scooting! I would say he's just 2 weeks away from full out crawling. He is sitting up for a few seconds independently. By 7 months, I think he's going to have the sitting and crawling perfected. Today, he started babbling which actually sounds like talking! He said the sound "dada", so exciting!! He goes to sleep around 9pm and sleeps for 6 hours. He wakes up for a feeding and then sleeps 3-4 more hours. We are pretty happy with his nighttime routine. During the day he's taking three 30 minute naps. I'm still hoping he will transition into a morning and afternoon nap, which last at least an hour. We'll see what happens in the next month or so.

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