Thursday, May 19, 2011

I feel like blogging!!!

Boy, oh boy, do I feel motivated to start blogging again!! I better hurry up, both boys are napping at the same time!! WHOO HOO!! (too bad Preston is a 30-minute max napper! He takes 3 "mini naps" per day...painful but 100% TRUE!)
Here's the deal, I think about blogging all the time, I even have a couple of post started but they haven't made a debut. Typically, I take a blog post idea and turn it into a few sentences as my facebook status. Pretty lame, I know! I'm going to make an effort to post on my blog and then put a link on Facebook~ Maybe that will work!
So here is a photo update of what the Fulmer's have been up to!
My matching cutie patooties heading a Greek Restaurant for their Grandpa's Birthday!

My stunning 5 month old!

The happiest boy I know:

A new family picture that I adore:

A picture that makes my heart melt:

Every weekend we can be found by a pool or at the beach!

If you take the hose away from Easton, this is the face he will make!

I put this picture on a coffee mug that says, "I LOVE MOM" for my Mother's Day gift! (yep, that's right, I ordered my own mother's day gift because I wanted it and didn't want to stress Ryan out with my wishes! He did surprise me with 2 fabulous new Calvin Klein pillows! He said that since I'm not getting too much sleep, I better make the hours I do get count! So sweet!)

Easton is CRAZY in love with his "dada"- soon I will post a video of Ryan walking in the door, Easton dropping whatever toy he has to run into Ryan's arms! Easton then sings the "Dada song" and Ryan's heart melts as he hugs his son! It's priceless! There are some memories, such as this one and the sound of Easton's bare feet pitter-pattering on the tile that I hope to NEVER forget!

This little baby LOVES to be on his tummy!! He is already pushing himself backwards and just started to get up on all 4's! Crazy huh? Easton didn't crawl till he was 10 months- Pressy will be 6 months in 10 more days- Could he be an EARLY, EARLY crawler? We'll see!!

Well, there is an update, that's sufficient right? I have so many topics that I want to write about and I hope to get to soon!!!
Love you all,


Brenda said...

Love the update Ashlie! Fun to hear all the precious things your boys are doing. Keep it up, I know easier said than done!!! -brenda

Debb said...

FUN to see what your boys have been up to! Love the pics!!!!! Don't let the mommy guilt get ya......just post when you can and know that we love it whenever you can post! ;)