Sunday, March 7, 2010

2 Months Waiting

Today is officially our 2 month waiting period. Guess it's time to head to Publix for another pint of Ben and Jerry's! A fellow blogger suggested Cherry Garcia, sounds like a good plan to me!!!


Shannon said...

My name is Shannon and I've been following your blog and praying for you often! We have just been accepted into AWAA's Ethiopia program (also hoping for a little boy) and I love checking your blog for the timeline and all your great ideas! (I'm already planning a pint of Chubby Hubby ;) I hope you don't mind, I've put your link on our blog: and directed friends there to see how the process works.
Thanks for keeping up with your blog! We'll be praying for you!

Real Simple said...

Hey there from the hall's
love your blog. video brought tears to my eyes. you are blessed (and i know you know this) by such amazing support of family and friends placed there by God! Continue to look upward. Your baby is under the same sky and stars that God places in the sky...they are a night light for you three right now, until you turn one on in the nursery for Easton.
thanks for your love for taking pictures. yesterday was a blessing...but sad as i see my baby getting her senior pictures taken (SENIOR '10) on 3/7/10...remember 3+7=10! I am so wierd! Can not wait to see them.
they grow up so fast! Praying. keep the container...decoupage it, date the bottom...and maybe you can put prayer request on small pieces of paper and the date on the back when they are answered! love you!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Hi Shannon!
Thank you so much for leaving such a wonderful comment!!! I loved looking over your blog! (You need picture though, I always remember blogs by people's pictures, haha ;) Also, if you see the "follow" button on the top of our blog you can get updates on your dashboard. Then you will know when we have a new post. I am one of your "followers" =)
Congratulations on your AWAA acceptance. Caitlin is our Family Coordinator too!! I wish she would call me, her phone call could mean our REFERRAL!!! ;)
Are you a member of the AWAA Ethiopia Yahoo group?? I love all of the advice and help I get from everyone there.
Please feel free to copy/borrow anything you find on our blog. We love sharing! Honestly, most of the stuff on my blog was inspired by other families. You know what they say about CREATIVITY- It's just forgetting where you stole it from!

Have a great Monday~ Ashlie

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Betsy, I wish I could have stayed up all night to work on Molly's pictures!!! I can't wait for you to see them. I am very pleased and usually that means a happy client!!! It will be this week, promise!!!!
I love the idea of taping a prayer/scripture on the Ben and Jerry's Container. I'll be on it tonight!!!!! I appreciate your prayer, love and support so much!!! You are such a blessing to me! Hugs,

C & R said...

We are loving our shirts!!!! We can't wait to re-open our adoption in June! What agency are you guys with?

Ryan and Ashlie said...

I'm so glad you love your shirt!!!!!!!! We ware with American World Adoption.
We are THRILLED with them thus far!! (I'm sure I will love them even more one we have baby Easton!!!)