Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We know that God has been orchestrating our family long before we considered adoption. Today was a tough day as we encountered our first BIG change in our adoption journey. We were warned early on in our journey, that processes/paperwork requirements/etc change frequently in international adoption. We knew this and accepted it, but it's still very disappointing when it actually happens.

Today we received an email from our agency about a MAJOR change in the Ethiopian Adoption Process. Ryan and I will now be required to travel TWICE to Ethiopia. The first trip, we will both have to testify in Ethiopian court our desire to adopt our Ethiopian child. This will happen 4-6 weeks after we receive our referral (picture). Then, we will have to leave the country (without our baby!) for 10 to 12 weeks. At that time, we will be able to return to Ethiopia to bring our child home.

We're feeling disappointed about this change, but we aren't feeling defeated. So we have to go twice? Yes. So we have to pay to travel twice? Yes. Is it going to be harder? Yes. Is it going to hurt more? Yes. Will it all be worth it? YES!!!!!
We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us!!!

Please say a special prayer today that we trust in the Lord and are able to bare this set back.
Ashlie and Ryan


melissa said...

Oh Ashlie, I'm so sorry to hear about this change in plans. I know you guys are so excited and it must be so hard to hear that you have to wait longer to bring Easton home. But, I know it will just be that much more wonderful when he's finally in your arms. Can't wait for that day to arrive for you! xoxo

Sharon said...

I think the only thing that is upsetting to me is the $$$ factor, other than that I'm good. it always comes down to the $$, doesn't it? :)

Stacy said...

We are praying for you! We are in the beginning stages of adoption and our friends received their referral today and informed us of these changes as well. I went to the car and cried. Hang in there! You will be holding that precious gift before you know it, and it will all be so worth it!

Naomi said...

It is so hard when things like this happen!! I know only too well about setbacks through the China program! There will come a day, a precious and exciting one when this will all be a distant memory!! Others would say that to me when we were waiting and I used to feel like it would never happen! But it did and it will for you too.

I will be praying,

Love Naomi

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! It sticks that i all comes down to the money! We decided last night that we will NOT be upset about this!!! The bright side is we get to meet Easton earlier!! Meaning, if we have our referral and he's 2 months we can meet/hold/love on him at 3 months old!!! I wouldn't change that for the WORLD! Now we are just praying about the leaving factor. I really can't image how a mother can do that...especially a first time Mother!!! It's all in God's timing and plan!! Again, thank you for the support and prayers!!!!

Real Simple said...

You are right to quote Phil. 4:13 and to remember Jer. 29:11. All of us that have children and did not have to go through this are blessed beyond words. But these are those "desert" experiences that really ground our faith and move it to that next level. Ashlie, God already had this planned, HE feels your anquish but gives you HOPE, but HE HAS DEFEATED your fears, frustration, doubts at the CROSS. He WILL supply your needs. I know you KNOW all this, but as a mom...(older one!) just want you to know these experiences continue to occur,but for own remind us that it is always about DEPENDENCE ON GOD. I feel like i am doing "blah,blah, blah" to you...but i am trying to encourage you, knowing that God is hugging you RIGHT now. He is right there with you. He takes the phone calls for you, he reads the emails for you, He HEARS your prayers and catches your tears. Fear and doubt and frustration are not of HIM. So push the "bad guys" thoughts and seek GODS THOUGHTS and WORDS. I know you are. praying for you. You have blessed us immensely! You did a FABULOUS job capturing my baby's face in her SENIOR pictures! thank you! hugs!!!!! maybe this calls for a special Ben and Jerry's!!!! one for each of you! HUGS!!
we need to help us with molly's pictures...that will keep you busy...yea...700 pics! amazing!down to 112!

La Dolce Vita said...

This was all for us to hear as well. International adoption is certainly not for the faint of heart! We are going to keep trusting though.

Lindy said...

Hi guys,

I've been following your blog recently. I stalk as many adoption sites as I possible can! We are praying to someday adopt from Ethiopia:)
I wanted to order one of your T-shirts. Could you tell me how I can do that? Thanks so much!!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Hi Lindy!!! thank you so much for reading and following our blog! It means so much to know that friends, family, and eve people we've never met pray for us!!!! We know that God will provide and meet the desires of our heart. We will patiently wait upon Him!
The fastest/easiest way to get a shirt is to use the Paypal Link at the top of the blog. We are asking for a $20 donation =) In the Paypal notes you can include the size that you would like. Thank you again for your support!!
With Love, Ashlie

Lindy said...

OK I just did the donation through paypal, but I didn't see a place to leave a comment for the size shirt I need?? I would like a Medium please:)

If you need any other information (address etc.) you can email me at

Thank you Ashlie!!

thepaperroSe said...

Following your blog. I am interested in a t-shirt but was not sure if I order that directly from you? Would appreciate any information you could send me.
Our son and daughter in law are also in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. I am praying for all of you as you begin this awesome journey!

Mark and Wendy said...

Hi, Ashlie-
Thanks for stopping by our blog-I'm so thrilled that my sister Rebecca will be with you on your trip this summer! And I wonder, with our DTE dates so close, if we'll get to meet eventually!
Hang in there...your month 3 is almost done!