Thursday, March 4, 2010

Children's Hope Chest

Introducing Buzuayehu! This is our sponsored child who lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We are always looking for organizations that we believe in and can support. We have found a true treasure!!!! Children's Hope Chest was founded by Tom Davis in 1994 after the orphan crisis in Russia. Their belief is that every orphan has the right to know God, experience the blessing of family, and have the opportunity to develop independent living skills.

Before sponsoring a child, we asked some very important questions about Children's Hope Chest, specifically about the allotment of finances. Here are their responses:
What are the administration fees of your organization?
Our admin fee is 20% which is the standard for organizations like World Vision, Compassion International and us. We are audited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability ([ ] - please go to their website and check out their standards), who verifies that what we say we do with the money we actually do. Our admin for the year in 2009 was 19.5% and for 2010 we expect it to be around 17%. This is well within what is considered "acceptable" for non-profits. If you look at the typical church, their admin costs can run upwards of 40%.

How much of our sponsorship goes toward the children?
$28 of every $34 dollars you give goes into programs supporting children and our work in the field.

What benefits go to a sponsored Children’s HopeChest orphan?
Your sponsorship provides four benefits including:
• Direct assistance for emotional, environmental, educational and medical needs.
• Letter writing between child and sponsor. This includes translation and delivery.
• Discipleship classes providing opportunities for a national believer to share Christ through word and deed.
• Birthday and Christmas gifts and parties.

We believe this is the perfect organization to sponsor a child through!
To sponsor an Ethiopian Child click here: Children's Hope Chest Ethiopia
We are excited to be apart of Bezuayehu's life! We will be writing letters and sending pictures to her =) We plan to meet her when we travel to Ethiopia to bring Easton home!
With Love,
Ashlie and Ryan


Cathy and Dave said...

Ashlie and Ryan -- another great philanthropic venture. We are so proud of all the love you share with those in need.

Naomi said...

Oh I am so glad that you are doing this!!! We started sponsoring to boys in Swaziland in January and we highly recommend this organisation!!

She is beautiful by the way!!