Sunday, March 7, 2010

Awaiting Easton Video

It's a little tearful but I really enjoyed everyone participating in the making of this video! The words you said are so encouraging during this waiting period. Love you all!


ReaganF said...

Wow! That was so awesome!! So excited to be on this journey with you guys! Easton is one loved little baby!!


Ryan and Ashlie said...

Hi Reagan! I miss talking to you...I wish we had SOMETHING to talk about!!! Praying for referrals this week. I need them to happen....I'm looking forward to the conference call on Thursday too.
Hope you have a great week, Ashlie

The Mowen's Adoption Journey said...

What a cute video! What awesome support you have from your family and friends!!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Hi Mowen Family!!! I loved looking at your blog and becoming a follower! ;o) I love when new people comment because I can go and stalk them, haha ;)
Our families have a lot in common! I hope you will be DTE soon!!! We are praying for lots of referrals this month!!! Are you apart of the Yahoo Group???
Talk to you soon, Ashlie

The Mowen's Adoption Journey said...

Yes, I just joined the yahoo group a couple weeks ago. We are praying awaa starts giving some referrals soon too. I have enjoyed your blog and reading about your journey!
Praying and waiting,

Cathy and Dave said...

Wow! What a great day we had at the shower. So many good wishes from so many loving people. The wait is extremely difficult, but the reward will be such a blessing. We love you!

Good work on the video!

TeamStutts said...

Oh my goodness....I haven't watched the video until now for this very reason....I cried my eyes out! I loved it! What a wonderful support group ya'll have! Such a blessing to have so much support thru a long journey!!! I look for updates often!
I want to order a shirt and necklace also! let me know how!

jjely said...

Hi Ashlie. I just got done reading your blog and am teary eyed!! How beautiful!!! Your letter an dthe video touched my heart. I can't wait to meet you in Africa :)!! I put your blog on my favorites hope that is ok!! Praying for you and Ryan and little Easton!!!

Ryan and Ashlie said...

Ahh, Thanks April!!! So sweet of you!! The video is so encouraging to me! It's peaceful to know that I'm not the only person waiting on Easton! The easiest way to purchase a shirt and necklace is to use the Paypal Link at the top of our blog. You can request your size in the notes section of the order! Thank you so much for your support!!!!

I love that you added me to your favorites, thank you so much!!! I can't wait to meet you too!!! Only a little more than 4 months now! Crazy!!! =) Thanks you for your prayers, they mean he wold to us!!!!